Happy new year to you all. We had a lovely News Year Eve celebrating with friends. We counted down at 9pm (it was midnight somewhere in the world!) so the kids could be part of it and shared a few drinks.  Then before I could blink my baby was turning 2.

I don’t consider myself a very creative person and usually my sister makes the birthday cakes as she is awesome at cake decorating. She made a huge pirate treasure island for his 1st birthday. This year however she was away so couldn’t make it. My solution: I bought an ice-cream cake as backup and then attempted to make “The big red car” for the  wiggle party! I figured if it didn’t work we would just have the icecream cake and no one need know about the attempt 🙂  Apart from the fact that I couldn’t get the icing to go red I was happy with my first attempt at cake making and decorating.

here is a picture!

2nd birthday red car cake

My DS loved it he even recognised it as the big red car! and everyone enjoyed eating it. We ate the ice-cream cake as well as it was rather hot 37C during his party!.

I will be back with some pages of the day soon