What a week! My gorgeous girl turned eleven and this year as I had made a cake for her brother, I had to make a cake for her. So for the first time ever I made her a birthday cake. She was gracious and chose a “easy” cake out of the cake book. Well I started cooking at 11am on the Friday before her party. I have to say I don’t cook, everyone who knows me knows that, but I had to try.  So with the birthday cake book in front of me, enough packet cakes to start again if needed and off I went. Well the first cake was a disaster somehow I manged to burn the outside and not cook properly the inside then when I tried to cut it the whole thing collapsed…

Take 2: start again. This time success! I turned the oven down and watched it like a hawk. One square cake and 2 loaf cakes later I had the start of the birthday cake. then on to the icing. Never again will I make fluffy frosting. It wasn’t hard to make but sets so quickly I was forever breaking it while trying to put on the decorations. Have to say Love the edible glitter and the writing icing in a tube. thanks to a wonderful friend who helped with that suggestion.

By 4pm I had finished and was very proud of myself. Thought I now know why I have never baked a cake for her birthday before, all that work and its gone in a blink of an eye! She loved it and so did her friends.

Here’s a couple of pictures. The disadvantage of baking and preparing for 6 eleven year olds to have a sleepover party is I haven’t had time to scrap this week. But I am counting down to the scrapathon next weekend 11 hours to scrap and for a great cause.

sorry I digress here is the photos:

castle cake

castle cake candles lit