Samuel was  in Oniesha’s basketball team for 2 seasons. He was a beautiful natured boy and always encouraged Oniesha. Suddenly in June 2007 he died from a brain tumour that wasn’t detected until he was too sick and it was too late to do anything. It is only now that I have been able to scrap about him, as being the same age as my daughter made me too sad. 

I thought this weeks Mojo monday sketch was just right to use for his page.

here is the sketch:



Here is my page:

RIP Samuel

I used transparency to hold the booklet in place as I didn’t want to stick the back down because it has a lovely poem on the back. So here is a close up:


I wish that no one has to go through what Samuel’s parents went through. Hug your children a bit tighter tonight you just don’t know how long you have them for.