Joshua turned 3 this month and he is obsessed with trains so it went without saying he had to have a train cake. I was introduced to a great kitchen shop and discovered they hire out cake tins. So I hired a 3D train cake tin and tried my luck. I was so pleased with the result. A friend lent me a piping bag and I tried dream whip for the first time too. Oh the potential for a disaster all these first time trying but it worked! I couldn’t belive it  the cake cooked like it should have and didn’t stick and after waiting 4 hours for it to cool and three hours of decorating , I had a Thomas train cake! what was the best part was half way thru Joshua’s gets excited as he realises its Thomas the train!

Here are some photos:

Soon I will be able to get back to scrapping. yet another year has past and I am so far behind……